Iphone hacks for your sanity.


Do you truly understand and know the power of your iPhone? Did you know that it has the power to be a personal assistance and a tour guide if need be? Yes, Apple has got the game on lockdown when it comes to smartphones. Yeah, they bend sometimes and they may be a little finicky on software issues. But, hey, they all are in reality.

I am going to let you in on a couple hacks that you may not have known your iPhone could do.

Let’s start with the etch and sketch option. Did you know it even had that? Please, it’s not a real etch and sketch.
But if you shake the phone and it will clear any mistake you typed like it was never a mistake, to begin with.
Pretty nifty.

The second best thing that it does is let you Change the screen color on the text so you can read at night as well as during the light littered day. I know, I sound like a vampire. But, some of us just prefer the night over day. Amaright? The best part is you can be surfing the web and checking emails while the fam is asleep and not being bothered.

Third – Turn off your autofocus. If you are like me and like to “ do-it-yourself” then we could be friends.
It’s just so much easier to do it yourself and get it just how you want it. S0, when you see “AE/AF lock” that is how you know you have held down on the screen and now can enter the manual focus mode on your iPhone.

The fourth hack – is a cool one.

If you are trying to see when you sent a text you can simply swipe the screen left and it will reveal the time you had sent or received a text message. Pretty sweet.

Fifth hack – Tell Siri all about your relationships. Don’t get too deep, though.
Next time you are wanting to call “Mom” or “Dad” simply ask Siri to call mom or dad. She will ask you who your father is. Just not in. Darth Vader voice, unfortunately. But the next time you ask her to call Dad she will know because you taught her who he his in contacts.

Sixth hack –
Are you tired of sitting tethered to the wall waiting for your iPhone to charge and it takes what seems like days t do so? We feel your pain. There’s way more interesting things to do than watching little battery say it’s charging.
We all know what I am talking about if you have an iPhone. Here’s what you do to get a “supercharged charge.”
Go to your lower part of the screen and simply slide up and your menu will come up to where you can turn on “airplane mode.” That is all you have to do. Simply amazing for charging your iPhone fast.

Seventh hack –
Access your numbers button super quick. Simply hold down the numbers button next to the earth symbol on the key pad and you will unlock a world of awesomeness and your iPhone will revert to the original keypad. That’s killer!

Eighth hack –
Use Mrs. Siri to check you favorite tweeters tweet. That’s right, she is an intelligence you know. Just simply ask Siri, “what’s iPhone Santa saying” and you will see a list of recent tweets. F’ing cool!

Ninth hack – Finish typing up URLs in a flash.
When you want to achieve this. Use the “.” Key to search for an URL on your iPhone while holding the “.” Down. This will reveal suffixes like .com and .org or whichever you need to use. So sweet.

Well, kids, that’s all for today. Stay tuned and I will be posting more on the all too amazing iPhone sooner than later.



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