We have new APPs rolling out and ready to make some business’ a lot more efficient

The new age of business efficiency may be in apps.

With all the new technology out and about in the world, we have to take a second and say. Hey, What is this doing to make things better or more efficient? Well, what I have seen while being in the App building Niche is that there are far too many B.S. apps that add no value to the user of them.

We all have seen the game apps that keep your children entertained and quite on that ride to school. But, Do they actually add value to the kiddos? Or to anyone else for that matter. It’s a great time to be an app builder at this very moment. There are so many companies out there begging for someone to make their lives a littel easier. We have had the privilege to work with our friends over at Landscaping OKC and they have let us develop a great new app for them that will add a ton of value to their clients and help cut out any confusion when their clients need help with landscaping ideas or issues. They simply open the app and they are prompted to upload pictures of what they are needing or able to ask a question in real time with a real person on the other end of the message. Sometimes our clients need to just shoot over a picture of a tree they think may be having issues or a sprinkler head that may have been run over states Owner Gerry Melton of GM Landscaping. The best part about the app is my guys aren’t running all over town for simple little repairs that the client can do themselves and we don’t have to charge them a service call. So the one thing we know for sure is that the App has been a big success for GM Landscaping in the form of saving time for them and their clients. The hard thing to do is Make an app plant a tree or bush. Maybe one day. So there you have it guys. We have added value to a business owner and saved time and money. That’s what modern business is all about in this day and age. If you can do the exact same thing as a business owner we would love to hear about it. Drop us a line here.

Thank you, Rocky